Multimedia Mar 08 The final show on BFBS after 9 years and 11 months - but we'll be back as a podcast only for our 10th birthday
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Multimedia Feb 08 - This month - the Drobo, Lindy TV Tuner, help with broadband and tips to newcomers to computing
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Multimedia Jan 08 - This month; CES & Macworld roundup, , ZYXEL Homeplug AV Router, the Centrance Micport Pro and another great competition.
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Multimedia Dec 07 This special hour-long edition, presented by Mark Phillips, recaps some of the high- and low-lights of 2007 and looks forward to the brave new world of 2008!
 Guests in the studio include: Bryan Betts Technology Journalist Barry Collins – News and Features Editor PC Pro Kerry Stanaway from Which – the Consumers Association  Paul Gibbons from leading Apple retailer The Square Group
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Multimedia Nov 07 - This month; Crucial RAM, Laptop security, Skype update and the competition.
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Multimedia Oct 07 - this month; Vista, yes or no ?; Tony Orsten from Joost; The Terratec Noxon iPod hifi system and the newest Microsoft bluetooth mose and keyboard
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Multimedia Sep 07 - This month - Corel PaintShopPro X2, Steljes Deployable Operations Unit, Creative Zen Stone and Vision players and the competition.
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Multimedia Aug 07 - this month; the Alienware m9750 laptop; Intego's Contentbarrier; Which? report on broadband speeds and the competition
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Multimedia July 07 - this month, the archiving database, Collectorz; Elgato's Turbo.264; the competition and Hewlett Packards approach to the WEEE directive
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Multimedia June 07 - this month, Part 2 of data recovery, Bluetrek bluetooth devices and Logitech webcams
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