No Green Room again this week but great new CDs from Ace Records featuring John Hammond, Champion Jack Dupree and Judy Roderick
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No Greenroom again- nothing too much to talk about. This week was same old, same old. I'll reply to those emails that need answers privately rather than in an audio blog. Thanks for subscribing - keep the blues alive. Dave
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No Green Room this week. Could/might be something on Monday. Good luck to the Roadhouse's 25th and the Bandana Blues Festival all happening this weekend.
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Raven n Blues 30th July A tribute to Long John Baldry and new releases from Chris Beard, Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie
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A short tribute to Long John Baldry who died today - full tribute on the show next week
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From Kansas Joe McCoy in 1930 to Paul Rishell in 2004 - a mostly acoustic show this week
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A run through some of this week's emails and a big thanks for continuing to subscribe to the show.
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Raven n Blues 16th July This week a live set from the WIYOS plus the usual eclectic mix of blues related music.
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The WIYOS live set - 13th July 2005 Michael, Parrish and Joe with a great live set from the gardens of Taggs Island near Hampton Court. Get their album and more information at
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