Raven n Blues 16th July This week a live set from the WIYOS plus the usual eclectic mix of blues related music.
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The WIYOS live set - 13th July 2005 Michael, Parrish and Joe with a great live set from the gardens of Taggs Island near Hampton Court. Get their album and more information at www.wiyos.com
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Raven n Blues 9th July -undefined-
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Why everything has slowed to a crawl!
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Our 6th birthday with Nina Simone, Dr John, Roomful of Blues and Robert Palmer
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Kitchen chopping boards, spray on nylons, smart scart connectors, how to pull a bird in 8 languages and the best of the news from Stuff magazine
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David Gilmour, Lightnin' Hopkins, The Hamsters and a new album from Ian Parker.
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How to rid yourself of the Coolwebsearch malware. The excellent iPlayer+ - Freeview TV, SMS text, email and internet in one box under your TV. 10 people win 512mb RAM from Crucial and Nick Ross from PC-Pro
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Pretty short this week - and the joys of wireless technology
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