G3 December A look back at the best Games, Gadgets and Gizmos I reviewed in 2005
Direct download: G35205.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 12:41pm UTC

Raven n Blues 24th December A sprinkling of Christmas tunes alongside the usual mix of great blues
Direct download: rnb52.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:58pm UTC

Multimedia December 05 The whole show comes from the offices of Dennis Publishing and we meet Nik Rawlinson, Editor of Mac User; Gareth Ogden, Editor of Custom PC and regular Paul Trotter, News & Features Editor of PC-Pro. They discuss the year gone and the year to come in computing.
Direct download: mm1205.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 9:02am UTC

5105 Raven'n'Blues http://www.bfbs.com/rnb Not a Christmas tune in sight as I feature Watermelon Slim, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Little Walter and Muddy Waters.
Direct download: rnb51.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:00pm UTC

Raven n Blues 10th December http://www.bfbs.com/rnb After Hours Jools Holland Swinging The Blues Mean Old Frisco B B King Ace 30th R&B Never Found A Smoking Gun Johnny Rawls & the Rays No Boundaries Call Me Emily Druce New Day Talkin' The Blues John Lee Hooker Chill Out Tommy Kelly Joe Phelps Tap The Red Cane Whirlwind Bon Ton Roula Clarence Garlow Clarence Garlow Everything I Know About The Blues Delbert McClinton Room To Breathe Run Me Down Carlos del Junco Blues Mongrel Strong Enough Shemekia Copeland The Soul Truth Hard Time Killing Floor Blues Buddy Guy Blues Singer Baby I'm Coming Home Charley Booker Let's Drink Some Juice
Direct download: rnb50.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:55pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3rd December Mikey Jr makes his debut and great tracks from Big Bill Broonzy, Keb Mo and Mose Allison
Direct download: rnb49.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:55pm UTC

Raven n Blues 26th November A great live set from Kelly Joe Phelps and new tracks from Dr John and Jools Holland
Direct download: rnb48.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:30pm UTC

Kelly Joe Phelps in session A great session with Kelly Joe and two tracks you have never heard,
Direct download: KJP.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:55pm UTC

Games, Gadget and Gizmos - November 05 Chiller bags, cucumber protectors, paper rucksacks, massaging eggs and personalised calendars all feature this month.
Direct download: g31105.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 3:04pm UTC

Raven n Blues 19th November A live set from Catfish Keith plus Carlos del Junco, Jimmy smith, Guitar Shorty and Dana Gillespie
Direct download: rnb47.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:42pm UTC

Multimedia November 05 Macromedia Studio 8, 10 things you must do before you connect your new PC to the internet, great Christmas ideas and a wonderful new competition with prizes from Creative.
Direct download: mm11.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:31pm UTC

Catfish Keith in session 40 minutes of Catfish Keith - his stories and his music.
Direct download: catfishkeith.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 11:56am UTC

Raven n Blues 12th November Jimmy McGriff, Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers, Muddy Waters, C C Adcock, Mose Allison, Georgie Fame, Omar and the Howlers.
Direct download: rnb46.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:59pm UTC

Raven n Blues 5th November Muddy Waters, B B King, Shemekia Copeland and Dr John are some of this week's guests
Direct download: rnb45.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:56pm UTC

Raven n Blues 29th October Lots of ACE records this week, celebrating their 30th birthday
Direct download: rnb44.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:27pm UTC

Games, Gadget and Gizmos - October This month, mp3 transmitters, OS Select, the new Perfect Soldier maker and the great Egg and Muffin Toaster.
Direct download: g310.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 1:57pm UTC

Kelly Joe Phelps, Marcia Ball, Dr John and Van Morrison this week.
Direct download: rnb43.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:33pm UTC

Multimedia October 05 This month - Macromedia Studio 8, Xdrive, Wireless ADSL routers and a great competition
Direct download: mm10.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 2:33pm UTC

Sue Foley, Harrison Kennedy and a new CD from The Moochers are some of the 13 tracks on this week's show.
Direct download: rnb42.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:45pm UTC

Some of my favourites this week with Shirley and Lee, Tommy Tucker and Leadbelly's Goodnight Irene
Direct download: rnb41.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:49pm UTC

How's the weight loss? - Don't ask. And why there's two xml feeds for the blues show.
Direct download: green_room_40.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:35pm UTC

Slimming week with Memphis, Watermelon and Magic.
Direct download: rnb40.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:18pm UTC

Solar powered handbags, old phones on new mobiles, news from Stuff magazine and all the updates from Perplex City
Direct download: G309.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 3:13pm UTC

Our thoughts are with Texas and Louisiania this week. Tracks from Dr John, C C Adcock, Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Champion Jack Dupree.
Direct download: rnb39.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:09pm UTC

iPod Nano, the second part of trading on eBay, competition results, hands on with the Sony Walkman phone and the news from Paul trotter of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm09.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 3:01pm UTC

Direct download: greenroom38.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:45pm UTC

Just got back from a week in Wales. Sorry for the dodgy xml from last week - Green room to follow on Sunday morning. Dave
Direct download: rnb38.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:02pm UTC

The Rolling Stones and father/sibling links from Allison, Bell & Copland
Direct download: rnb37.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:00am UTC

Direct download: rnb36.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 8:02pm UTC

Kim Wilson, Judy Roderick. Emily Druce and Watermelon Slim are some of this week's artists. Thanks for subscribing Dave PS - Don't ask about the tarmac!
Direct download: rnb35.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:08pm UTC

Games, Gadget and Gizmos - August This month, Superchips that improve your car's performance, D-Skins that protect your optical discs, the Indipod - an in vehicle toilet and an insight into the new Artificial Reality Game - Perplex City
Direct download: g308.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 1:57pm UTC

No Green Room again this week but great new CDs from Ace Records featuring John Hammond, Champion Jack Dupree and Judy Roderick
Direct download: rnb34.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:37pm UTC

This month; signing up for eBay, the digital doorbell and a chance to win one, MS office temp files and the news from PC-Pro.
Direct download: mm08.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 3:41pm UTC

No Greenroom again- nothing too much to talk about. This week was same old, same old. I'll reply to those emails that need answers privately rather than in an audio blog. Thanks for subscribing - keep the blues alive. Dave
Direct download: rnb33.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:15pm UTC

No Green Room this week. Could/might be something on Monday. Good luck to the Roadhouse's 25th and the Bandana Blues Festival all happening this weekend.
Direct download: rnb32.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:22pm UTC

Direct download: gr31.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 11:38am UTC

Raven n Blues 30th July A tribute to Long John Baldry and new releases from Chris Beard, Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie
Direct download: rnb31.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 11:36am UTC

G3 July 2005 Pictronic backlight pictures, the versatile Wonderwheeler, Pin-Pal and Discovery Walking Guides
Direct download: g307.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 3:06pm UTC

A short tribute to Long John Baldry who died today - full tribute on the show next week
Direct download: gr30.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 8:17am UTC

From Kansas Joe McCoy in 1930 to Paul Rishell in 2004 - a mostly acoustic show this week
Direct download: rnb30.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 8:15am UTC

Multimedia July 2005 Vicky Taylor from the BBC on how their website coped with the traffic after the London bombs. Dave reviews the excellent Elgato Eyehome computer to TV system and the news from Paul Trotter of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm07.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:31pm UTC

A run through some of this week's emails and a big thanks for continuing to subscribe to the show.
Direct download: gr29.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:05pm UTC

Raven n Blues 16th July This week a live set from the WIYOS plus the usual eclectic mix of blues related music.
Direct download: rnb29.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:04pm UTC

The WIYOS live set - 13th July 2005 Michael, Parrish and Joe with a great live set from the gardens of Taggs Island near Hampton Court. Get their album and more information at www.wiyos.com
Direct download: wiyos.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 12:06pm UTC

Direct download: gr28.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:53pm UTC

Raven n Blues 9th July -undefined-
Direct download: rnb28.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:52pm UTC

Why everything has slowed to a crawl!
Direct download: gr27.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:37pm UTC

Our 6th birthday with Nina Simone, Dr John, Roomful of Blues and Robert Palmer
Direct download: rnb27.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:36pm UTC

Kitchen chopping boards, spray on nylons, smart scart connectors, how to pull a bird in 8 languages and the best of the news from Stuff magazine
Direct download: G306.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:21am UTC

David Gilmour, Lightnin' Hopkins, The Hamsters and a new album from Ian Parker.
Direct download: rnb25.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:15pm UTC

How to rid yourself of the Coolwebsearch malware. The excellent iPlayer+ - Freeview TV, SMS text, email and internet in one box under your TV. 10 people win 512mb RAM from Crucial and Nick Ross from PC-Pro
Direct download: mm06.mp3
Category: -- posted at: 10:18am UTC

Pretty short this week - and the joys of wireless technology
Direct download: gr24.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:16pm UTC

More JJ Cale and Mark Knopfler together with new CDs from Little Charlie and the Nightcats, Roomful Of Blues and Ana Popovic
Direct download: rnb24.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 1:14pm UTC

The overproof Rum and Coke edition
Direct download: RnB_Green_Room_4th_June.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:28pm UTC

J J Cale, Mark Knopfler and Lonnie Donegan - yes, it really is the blues
Direct download: RavennBlues_4th_June.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:27pm UTC

Direct download: greenroom22.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 1:54pm UTC

Direct download: rnb22.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 1:54pm UTC

Lego Star Wars on the Playstation, Outdoor Beanbags, Gardening CD-Roms and Michael Brook from Stuff Magazine
Direct download: g305.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 3:33pm UTC

It's all Beardo's fault!!!
Direct download: Green_Room_21st_May.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:27pm UTC

Phone interview with bluesman Jody Williams and Barry Dolins - organiser of the 22nd Chicago Blues Festival - and thanks to Beardo for the pronunciation guide!
Direct download: rnb21.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:29pm UTC

US Robotics SureConnect ADSL Wireless Gateway review. Interview with the GM of Crucial Technology on installing extra RAM
Direct download: Multimedia_May_2005.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:51am UTC

If you've downloaded CC Adcock, you may want to skip the edited 22 minute version after the first track on the show.
Direct download: 14th_May_2005.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:38pm UTC

CC Adcock and friends A great set from CC and the band - see pic. Then we all went for a river trip including Clint Adcock, CC's father and other friends from the USA and UK.
Direct download: adcock.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:44pm UTC

Housekeeping on audio mp3 converters and plans for the recording with C C Adcock on Thursday
Direct download: rnbgreenroom19.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 2:52pm UTC

new releases from Eddie Turner and Carlos del Junco. A great download from Lorie Strother and to celbrate their concert at the Albert Hall, a track from Cream.
Direct download: rnb19.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 2:50pm UTC

Just for those who are having problems with the mp3 encoding
Direct download: rnbgreenroom18.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:36pm UTC

New album from Van Morrison that could have been made any time in the last 30 years and a forestaste of our next live guest - C C Adcock
Direct download: rnb18.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:35pm UTC

The Reva NXG concept electric car, SatNav systems and interviews with the Games Guru of CD-WoW, Tony Bergasse and Oliver Irish the Editor of Stuff Magazine. See full details at http://www.bfbs.com/g3
Direct download: g304.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 7:22am UTC

Bringing you up to date with the new server and replies to some of the emails.
Direct download: rnbgreenroom17.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 10:33am UTC

Studio setup In response to those who asked - here is the studio layout. I should have had a tidy up of the pens and papers!
Category:general -- posted at: 7:42am UTC

This is the podcast that got the replies that led me to Liberated Syndication as host.
Direct download: rnbmid.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:44am UTC

Another show added - the Multimedia radio show from Wed 20th April
Direct download: mm04.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:18am UTC

A trial of the new server to see if it improves the download speed
Direct download: rnb17.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:55am UTC





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