Raven n Blues 5206 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - this week - Lister, Lyytinen, Parker * Doug MacLeod * Doc Span * Dayna Kurtz * Joe Bonamassa * Guy Davis * Christine Collister and Dave Kelly * DK Ibomeka * Harry Manx * Dave Arcari * The Mercy Brothers * Eric Bibb * Papa George
Direct download: rnb5206.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:14am UTC

G3 - Dec 06 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - this month - the best of 2006 * Aeropress coffee maker * Acoustic Energy wifi radio * Logitech noise cancelling headphones * the ITSA
Direct download: g31206.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 6:35pm UTC

Raven n Blues 5106 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - this week - John Hammond and the Nighthawks * Paul Reddick * Emily Druce * Tim Hain * Eric Burdon * Walter Trout * Guy Tortora * Bonnie Rait and Ben Harper * Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama * Blind Boys Of Alabama * Boo Boo Davis * Blind Boys Of Alabama
Direct download: rnb5106.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:31pm UTC

Multimedia Dec 2006 http://www.bfbs.com/multimedia - This month chacha.com, loads of DVDs in the competition, how to choose which iPod is best for you and the news from Barry Collins of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm1206.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 9:01am UTC

Raven n Blues 5006 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - this week - Watermelon Slim * JJ Cale and Eric Clapton * Pete Cornelius * The Cedars * Bullfrog Brown * The Animals * Eric Burdon * Janiva Magness * Buddy Guy and Junior Wells * Kris Dollimore * Candye Kane * Davy Graham
Direct download: rnb5006.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 11:28am UTC

Raven n Blues 4906 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - this week - Little Willie John * Derrin Nauendorf * Mike Harrison * Howlin' Wilf * Odell Harris * The Mercy Brothers  Live 23-44 * Bullfrog Brown * The Samuel C Lees Band * Stuart Turner
Direct download: rnb4906.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:31am UTC

The Mercy Brothers in conversation Barrence Whitfield and Michael Dinallo talk about how they came together musically and how the Mercy Brothers are developing.
Direct download: rnb-mercybros.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:18pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4806 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - this week - Candye Kane * Bonnie Raitt * JJ Cale and Eric Clapton * Mike Harrison * Dave Kelly * Live  - 24'-41' * Guy Davis * Erja Lyytinen * Violet Hall * Doc Span
Direct download: rnb4806.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:38pm UTC

Green Room 30-11-06 An explanation of the recent changes to the xml feed
Direct download: green-room.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:19pm UTC

Dave Kelly in conversation A great session with Dave with music and conversation.
Direct download: rnb-davekelly.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:29pm UTC

G3 - November  2006 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month Junkk.com, Combat Armor, eztippa and the m-pac
Direct download: g31106.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 7:43am UTC

Raven n Blues 4706 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Omar and the Howlers * The Mercy Brothers * Roosevelt Sykes * Hadda Brooks * Steve Arvey * Dave Arcari * Bullfrog Brown * C C Adcock * Frankie Miller
Direct download: rnb4706.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:36am UTC

Multimedia Nov 2006 http://www.bfbs.com/multimedia - this month buying a new computer, LogMeIn.com,Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard and the news from PC-Pro magazine
Direct download: mm11106.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 8:30am UTC

Raven n Blues 4606 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials * James Hunter * Martin O'Sullivan * Etta James * Michael Pickett * Dave Kelly * Eric Bibb - live * John Hammond and the Nighthawks * Tab Benoit * Arthur Alexander
Direct download: rnb4606.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:01pm UTC

Eric Bibb in conversation An in depth chat with Eric about his music and influences and three great live tracks.
Direct download: rnb-ericbibb.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 2:45pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4506 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Christine Collister and Dave Kelly * Eric Bibb * Cephas and Wiggins * Dave Arcari * Boo Boo Davis * Rory Block * Mose Allison * Mercy Dee Walton * Turnip Greens * Paul Cox * Liz Mandeville Greeson * Bob Dylan
Direct download: rnb4506.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:24pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4406 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - The Blues Band * Larry Johnson * Mikey Jr * Ray Charles * DK Ibomeka * W C Clark * Kelly Joe Phelps * Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie * Sue Foley * Lightnin' Hopkins * Buddy Johnson
Direct download: rnb4406.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:18pm UTC

DK Ibomeka in conversation Good conversation, 2 pre-recorded live cuts and a track from his new album.
Direct download: rnb-dkibomeka.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:21pm UTC

G3 - Oct 06 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month the Itsa, the Ezimate, the Loc8tor and the libido patch for men.
Direct download: g31006.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 6:07pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4306 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Professor Longhair * Watermelon Slim * Nina Simone * DK Ibomeka * Dr John * Junior Wells * Summer and the Sinners * James Hunter * Carlos del Junco * Derrin Nauendorf * Saffire * B B King
Direct download: rnb4306.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:56pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4206 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week * Rod Clements * Willie Headen * Howlin' Wilf * Joe Bonamassa * Eric Bibb * Doc Span * The Mercy Brothers * Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa * Friend 'n Fellow * Soul Collectors * Alistair Moock
Direct download: rnb4206.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:33am UTC

Multimedia Oct 2006 http://www.bfbs.com/multimedia - this month the Sony Ericsson M600i, news from Barry Collins at PC-Pro and another great competition.
Direct download: mm1006.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 7:06am UTC

Raven n Blues 4106 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Oli Brown * Eric Bibb * Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes * Harry Manx * Janiva Magness * Piney Brown * The Lazy Jumpers * Dave Gross * Papa George * James Hunter * Helen Humes * Roadhouse * Eddie Vinson
Direct download: rnb4106.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:00pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4006 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Beaver * Guy Davis * John Lee Hooker Jr * Oli Brown * Gary Moore * Doc Span * Cash Box Kings
Direct download: rnb4006.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:00pm UTC

G3 - Sept 06 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - this month, the Norstar Magnessage * Drosselmeyer nutcracker * Red5 and the Picooz R/C helicopter
Direct download: G30906.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 3:00pm UTC

Doc Span & Matthew Cang in conversation 45 minutes of music and conversation with Doc and Matthew
Direct download: rnb-docspan.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:22am UTC

Raven n Blues 3906 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week -Smokey Wilson * Roger Cotton and Alan Glen * Hey Negrita * Christine Collister and Dave Kelly * Eric Clapton * Joe Bonamassa * Eric Bibb * DK Ibomeka * James Hunter
Direct download: rnb3906.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:50pm UTC

Multimedia Sept 2006 www.bfbs.com/multimedia - This month the iHome and the Homedock for your iPod, Phillips Skype/DECT phones in the competition,the great new Logitech mouse and dangers in internet cafes.
Direct download: mm0906.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:20pm UTC

Joe Bonamassa in conversation A great session from Joe on the Raven'n'Blues houseboat studio with good conversation, 3 live acoustic tracks and one cut from the new album.

Direct download: rnb-joebonamassa.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:27pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3806 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week -John Hammond * The Incredible Blues Puppies * Guitar Shorty * WIYOS * Doc Span * Tim Hain * Sean Webster * Mitch Woods * The Barcodes * Martin O'Sullivan * Jimmy Rogers * Paul Cox * Homesick James and his Dusters
Direct download: rnb3806.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:00pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3706 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Sonny Boy Williamson * Kelly Joe Phelps * The Brew * Albert King * Harrison Kennedy * Emily Druce * Little Charlie and the Nightcats * Rich Hope and His Evil Doers * Van Morrison * James Hunter * Guy Davis * Dave Gross * Tangle Eye
Direct download: rnb3706.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:21pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3606 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Steve Arvey * Boo Boo Davis * Howlin Wolf * Greg Taylor and Anson Funderburgh * Danny Marks * Joe Bonamassa * Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama * Gary Moore * John Lee Hooker * Doug MacLeod * The Blues Disciples * Smokey Hogg
Direct download: rnb3606.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:42pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3506 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week -  * Omar and the Howlers * Guy Davis * Almost Blues Band * Soul Collectors * Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie * Geoff Achison * The Cutler Waterworth Band * Doc Span * Johnny Howard * Big Bill Broonzy * Walter Trout * Bo Diddley
Direct download: rnb3506.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:44pm UTC

G3 Aug 06 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month UV Wristbands, Egglings, Logitech noise cancelling headphones, Red Ferret Journal, Michael Brook, Editor of Stuff Magazine
Direct download: g30806.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 4:58pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3406 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week -  Mitch Woods * Jimmy Witherspoon * Geoff Achison * Saffire * Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes * Mikey Jr * B B King * Janiva Magness * Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee * Pete Alderton * Otis Rush * Bill Furner *
Direct download: rnb3406.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 2:35pm UTC

Multimedia Aug 2006 PC Utilities including TUT the Ultimate Troubleshooter - DriverAgent – DIRMS, Do It Right Micro Soft - CCleaner - Phillips Skype phone – 100 prize competition results – minipc from aopen
Direct download: mm0806.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:47pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3306 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week -  * Stan Webb's Chicken Shack * Joe Bonamassa * Charles Brown * Slick Ballinger * Pete Alderton * Dr John * Sue Foley * Doc Span * Roy Mette * Roscoe Chenier * Watermelon Slim * Mitch Woods * Wynonie Harris
Direct download: rnb3306.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 2:50pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3206 www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week * Charlie Musselwhite * Micky Moody and Paul Williams * Down Home * Catfish Keith * Jesse Mae Hemphill * The Blues Disciples * Cephas and Wiggins * Connie Lush * Willie Dixon * Danny Marks * Dayna Kurtz * Pete Mitchell * Violet Hall
Direct download: rnb3206.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 2:39pm UTC

Raven n Blues 3106 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Professor Longhair * Dave Arcari * Lightnin' Hopkins * Gary Moore * Lonnie Mack * Tony McPhee * Jimmy McGriff * Doug MacLeod * Delbert McClinton * Summer and the Sinners * Bluesman Tom * Walter Trout
Direct download: rnb3106.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:08pm UTC

G3 July 2006 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month * The best headphone choices from Headphone World * The fabulous Chillow * Logitechs great universal remote controls * Sir Clive Sinclair's new A-bike
Direct download: g30706.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 10:58am UTC

Raven n Blues 3006 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Reverend Raven * The Blues Disciples * The Mustangs * Smokehouse Ramblers * Judy Roderick * Van Morrison * Magic Slim * Memphis Gold * Guy Davis * Roy Mette * Memphis Slim
Direct download: rnb3006.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:43pm UTC

Multimedia July 06 Skype * Creative Noise Cancelling Skype Headsets * Senator Ted Stevens and his tubes * Paul Trotter from PC-Pro and 100 prizes for our 100th show
Direct download: Multimedia0706.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:39pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2906 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Screamin' Jay Hawkins * Memphis In The Meantime * The Cutler Waterworth Band * The Brew * Lil' Son Jackson * Dr John * Blues Caravan * Sister Rosetta Tharpe * Albert King * Sean Webster * Albert Ammons * Chris Rea
Direct download: rnb2906.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:13pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2806 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - James Cotton * Watermelon Slim * Ramblin' Jack Elliot * Eddie Turner * Theresa and TC Blue * Mean Gene Kelton and the Die Hards * Carlos Del Junco * Gary Preston and Anita Bonkowski * Harry Manx * John Mayall * Lucinda Williams and Taj Mahal * Bep Brown Orchestra
Direct download: rnb2806.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:34pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2706 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Cleo Brown * Roscoe Chenier * Janiva Magness * David Evans * Eric Burdon * Guy Davis * Gary Preston and Anita Bonkowski * Eric Bibb * Papa George * John Lee Hooker
Direct download: rnb2706.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 9:57am UTC

G3 0606 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month, Lucky Kits, Bamboo Monitors, YoroPen, Car Tyre Concierge and Michael Brook from Stuff Magazine
Direct download: g30606.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 4:00pm UTC

Tony Joe White at the studio in 2003 For all the Swamp Fans - let's pray for him returning at the end of July
Direct download: tjw-2003.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 3:53pm UTC

Guy Davis in conversation 50 minutes of conversation and music with Guy Davis and Mark Murphy
Direct download: rnb-guydavis.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:53pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2606 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Jimmy McGriff * Billy Price * Guy Davis * Down Home * Muddy Waters * Big Bill Broonzy * Walter Trout * Marcia Ball * Slick Ballinger * Mose Allison * Katie Webster * Roomful Of Blues
Direct download: rnb2606.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 8:41pm UTC

Multimedia June 06 This month - Linksys wireless routers - How to make your wireless network safer - Buffalo Digital Living Network Alliance and the competition
Direct download: mm0606.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:11pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2506 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Kim Wilson * Clarence Gatemouth Brown * Lights Out By Nine * Tony Joe White * John Lee Hooker * Ivory Joe Turner * Doug MacLeod * Shemekia Copeland * Albert King * Joe Louis Walker * Reni Simon * John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
Direct download: rnb2506.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 7:30pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2406 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week - Jeff Healey Band * John Hammond * Joe Green's Connection * Peter Green's Splinter Group * Dinah Washington * Dave Kelly * Paul Lamb and The Kingsnakes * Little Charlie and the Nightcats * Mickey Champion * R L Burnside * Memphis Gold * T Bone Walker
Direct download: rnb2406.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:01pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2306 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week an early post because I've gone sailing in the Round The Island Race in the Isle Of Wight * Reverend Raven * Dr John * Sue Foley * Vargas Blues Band * Muddy Waters * Gary Moore * Roscoe Chenier * Carey and Lurrie Bell * Sons Of The Delta * Candye Kane * David Evans * Steve Arvey * Frankie Miller

Direct download: rnb2306.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 10:15am UTC

Raven n Blues 2206 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week * Joe Cocker * Cephas and Wiggins * Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes * Harry Manx * Doug MacLeod * Dr John * Robert Cray * Guy Davis * Albert Lee * Slick Ballinger * Ben Andrews * Gus Cannon

Direct download: rnb2206.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:34pm UTC

G3 0506 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month * Podcast Ready software * Guitar Hero PS2 game * Grilliput folding BBQ grill * Editor Stuff Magazine
Direct download: g30506.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 4:07pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2106 Now in enhanced 64kbps audio - http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week * Hotshot Blues Band * Gary Moore * Summer and the Sinners * Mikey Jr * Paul Oscher * Jessie Mae Hemphill * Dupree'n'McPhee * R L Burnside * Emily Druce * Papa George * The Holmes Brothers * Bob Brozman * Ike Turner

Direct download: rnb2106.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:20pm UTC

Multimedia May 06 http://www.bfbs.com/multimedia - This month * reinstalling Windows without tears * VOIP Phones * Evoke 2xt DAB radio in the competition * Gareth Ogden Editor of Custom PC with the news.
Direct download: mm0506.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 3:58pm UTC

Raven n Blues 2006 http://www,bfbs.com/rnb - This week - JW-Jones Blues Band * Harrison Kennedy * Tab Benoit * W C Clark * Janiva Magness * Harry Manx * Watermelon Slim * B B King * David Evans * Roomful Of Blues

Direct download: rnb2006.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:59pm UTC

Harry Manx in conversation A magical and mystical hour in the company of Harry Manx and Steve Marriner
Direct download: rnb-harrymanx.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:03pm UTC

Raven n Blues 1906 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Slick Ballinger * Gary Moore * Belleview Jubilee * Sons Of The Delta * Dayna Kurtz * Omar & the Howlers * Ben Andrews * Ann Peebles * Frankie Miller

Direct download: rnb1906.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:11pm UTC

Dayna Kurtz in conversation A great hour of music and conversation from Dayna
Direct download: rnb-daynakurtz.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:17am UTC

Raven n Blues 1806 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Roadhouse * Bobby Lounge * C C Adcock * Sue Foley * Doug MacLeod * Eddie Vinson * Ben Andrews * Harry Manx * Bellview Jubilee * Sandy Carroll
Direct download: rnb1806.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:40pm UTC

G3 0406 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month - Where Did You Buy That Dot Com, Cameras 4 Sports, Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Radio and another rival to the England World Cup Song
Direct download: g30406.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 2:38pm UTC

Doug MacLeod in the Raven'n'Blues Studio 55 minutes of great music and conversation from Doug MacLeod.
Direct download: rnb-dougmacleod.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:31pm UTC

Raven n Blues 1706 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Steve Arvey * Doug McLeod * Harry Manx * Carlos del Junco * The Blues Vultures * Papa George * Johnny Max Band * The Detonators * Kim Wilson * Elmore James

Direct download: rnb1706.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:28pm UTC

Multimedia 0406 http://www.bfbs.com/multimedia - This month, Boot Camp, Lightscribe, A great competition and the news from PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0406.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:11pm UTC

Papa George In Session A great set from Papa George
Direct download: PapaG.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:33am UTC

Raven n Blues 1606 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Frankie Miller * Robb McMahan * Guy Davis * Glen Swainston * Watermelon Slim * Stephen Dale Petit * Edwin Holt * Jimmy Witherspoon * Georgie Fame * Magic Slim
Direct download: rnb1606.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:02pm UTC

Stephen Dale Petit in conversation More on Stephen at http://www.guitararama.co.uk/
Direct download: sdp.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 9:18am UTC

Raven n Blues 1506 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Johnny Nicholas - B B King - Gary Moore - Maurice Ramsbotham - Lister, Lyytinen, Parker - Stephen Dale Petit - Doug McLeod - Ugur Boylu - Dayna Kurtz - David Rubin - The Detonators
Direct download: rnb1506.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:21pm UTC

Raven n Blues 1406 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb
Direct download: rnb1406.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 9:19pm UTC

Raven n Blues 1306 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Summer and the Sinners - T Bone Walker - Cephas and Wiggins - Druce and Jones - Down Home - Etta James - The Blue Voodoo - Eric Clapton - Dan Treanor and Frankie Lee - Lightnin' Hopkins - Charlie Musselwhite - Buddy Guy and Junior Wells - Rosco Gordon
Direct download: rnb1306.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:50pm UTC

G3 0306 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month, the best coffee maker in the world - I talk to its inventor - A brand new umbrella design, the Fanbrella - Faraday cage wallets & passport covers and the winners from last month's competition.
Direct download: g30306.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 8:30am UTC

Raven n Blues 1206 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, The Soul Sisters, Bobby Parker , Earl King and Roomful of Blues , Liz Zorn , Steve Arvey , Susan Tedeschi , Blues Caravan , Mem Shannon , Doug McLeod - Roy Hawkins - Stephen Dale Petit
Direct download: rnb1206.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:29pm UTC

Multimedia March 06 http://www.bfbs.com/multimedia - This month, shipping to BFPO, the Crucial Gizmo USB memory stick, Buffalo LAN storage, CorelDraw X3, a chance to win a copy and how to deal with png files
Direct download: mm0306.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 8:26am UTC

Munchies Erja, Aynsley, Ian, Thomas and the munchies on the boat
Category:Blues -- posted at: 8:32pm UTC

Blues Caravan at Raven n Blues Aynsley Lister, Ian Parker and Erja Lyytinen with a great live set and conversation from the Raven'n'Blues houseboat on the River Thames near Hampton Court.
Direct download: blues_caravan.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:52pm UTC

Raven n Blues 1106 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Aynsley Lister - Candye Kane - Vincent Yannucci - Michael Powers - Janiva Magness - Mojo Stu - Ali Farke Toure - Summer and the Sinners - Mikey Jr - JoAnne Redding - The Holmes Brothers - Oscar McLollie
Direct download: rnb1106.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:43pm UTC

Raven n Blues 1006 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Clifton Chenier - Ronnie Barron and Dr John - Tab Benoit - Stephen Dale Petit - Vargas Blues Band - Rory Block - Michael Bloomfield - Little Charlie & the Nightcats -Bettye Lavette - Watermelon Slim -Irma Thomas - Erskine Oglesby
Direct download: rnb1006.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 12:15pm UTC

Raven n Blues 0906 http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, from Barcelona - Down Home and The Lazy Jumpers, Ivory Joe Turner, Candye Kane, Dr John, Moj Stu, Lister, Lyytinen, Parker Jimmy Smith, Teresa James, Watermelon Slim and Vicki Lee
Direct download: rnb0906.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:02pm UTC

G3 022006 http://www.bfbs.com/g3 - This month the great Trek-Pod, the OHSO travelling toothbrush, 1 Drop that de-odorises a toilet, the Thumbthing and Port Laptop bags.
Direct download: g30206.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 3:59pm UTC

Raven n Blues 18th February http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Roomful Of Blues, Son Lewis Blues Band, Stephen Dale Petit, Mark Harold, Southside Johnny, Van Morrison, Koko Taylor and Mississippi John Hurt
Direct download: rnb0806.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:32pm UTC

Multimedia February 06 Gerard Metrailler on Corel Office X3, Pt2 of how to spot spyware on your PC, the very sexy Creative Zen Vision M and Paul Trotter the News and Features Editor of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0206.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:23pm UTC

Raven n Blues 11th February http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - This week, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers - Albert Collins - Shemekia Copeland - Lister, Lyytinen, Parker - John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Keb Mo - Kelly Joe Phelps - Grant Lyle amongst others
Direct download: rnb0706.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 4:42pm UTC

Raven n Blues 4th February Harrison Kennedy, Mose Allison, Aynsley Lister and the Animals are some of this week's 12 tracks
Direct download: rnb0606.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:46pm UTC

Raven n Blues 28th January http://www.bfbs.com/rnb Ray Charles, Melissa Forbes, Peter Green and the Vargas Blues Band among this week's 12 tracks.
Direct download: rnb0506.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:14pm UTC

Games, Gadget and Gizmos - 0106 This month * the m-pac personal accessory carrier * forfeit cookies * POWERbreathe, a hand-held inspiratory muscle trainer * Michael Brook, Editor of Stuff Magazine
Direct download: g30106.mp3
Category:Gadgets -- posted at: 4:07pm UTC

Raven n Blues 21st January The first foray into the Podsafe Music Network - let me know whether you could spot a difference
Direct download: rnb0406.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 5:35pm UTC

Multimedia January 06 Seiko label printer, why you need Ad-Aware, the iPod video and the news from PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0106.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 12:10pm UTC

Raven'n'Blues 14th January 3 blues locations happening this week that I would love to be attending - Festival of the Desert in Mali, Blues Cruise out of Florida and Mustique Blues - so I play music from each.
Direct download: rnb0306.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:24pm UTC

Raven'n'Blues 7th January http://www.bfbs2.com/rnb.html Another varied week of blues and a special tribute to my father-in-law.
Direct download: rnb0206.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 6:11pm UTC

New Year's Greeting to all subscribers -undefined-
Direct download: nye.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 1:51pm UTC

Raven n Blues 31st December http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - The first show of the year looks back at the bands who came to play on the houseboat. Great sets from CC Adcock, Catfish Keith, the WIYOS and Kelly Joe Phelps.
Direct download: rnb0106.mp3
Category:Blues -- posted at: 8:54am UTC





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