Just for those who are having problems with the mp3 encoding
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New album from Van Morrison that could have been made any time in the last 30 years and a forestaste of our next live guest - C C Adcock
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The Reva NXG concept electric car, SatNav systems and interviews with the Games Guru of CD-WoW, Tony Bergasse and Oliver Irish the Editor of Stuff Magazine. See full details at http://www.bfbs.com/g3
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Bringing you up to date with the new server and replies to some of the emails.
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Studio setup In response to those who asked - here is the studio layout. I should have had a tidy up of the pens and papers!
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This is the podcast that got the replies that led me to Liberated Syndication as host.
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Another show added - the Multimedia radio show from Wed 20th April
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A trial of the new server to see if it improves the download speed
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