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Lego Star Wars on the Playstation, Outdoor Beanbags, Gardening CD-Roms and Michael Brook from Stuff Magazine
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It's all Beardo's fault!!!
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Phone interview with bluesman Jody Williams and Barry Dolins - organiser of the 22nd Chicago Blues Festival - and thanks to Beardo for the pronunciation guide!
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US Robotics SureConnect ADSL Wireless Gateway review. Interview with the GM of Crucial Technology on installing extra RAM
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If you've downloaded CC Adcock, you may want to skip the edited 22 minute version after the first track on the show.
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CC Adcock and friends A great set from CC and the band - see pic. Then we all went for a river trip including Clint Adcock, CC's father and other friends from the USA and UK.
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Housekeeping on audio mp3 converters and plans for the recording with C C Adcock on Thursday
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new releases from Eddie Turner and Carlos del Junco. A great download from Lorie Strother and to celbrate their concert at the Albert Hall, a track from Cream.
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