Kim Wilson, Judy Roderick. Emily Druce and Watermelon Slim are some of this week's artists. Thanks for subscribing Dave PS - Don't ask about the tarmac!
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Games, Gadget and Gizmos - August This month, Superchips that improve your car's performance, D-Skins that protect your optical discs, the Indipod - an in vehicle toilet and an insight into the new Artificial Reality Game - Perplex City
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No Green Room again this week but great new CDs from Ace Records featuring John Hammond, Champion Jack Dupree and Judy Roderick
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This month; signing up for eBay, the digital doorbell and a chance to win one, MS office temp files and the news from PC-Pro.
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No Greenroom again- nothing too much to talk about. This week was same old, same old. I'll reply to those emails that need answers privately rather than in an audio blog. Thanks for subscribing - keep the blues alive. Dave
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No Green Room this week. Could/might be something on Monday. Good luck to the Roadhouse's 25th and the Bandana Blues Festival all happening this weekend.
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