Raven n Blues 28th January http://www.bfbs.com/rnb Ray Charles, Melissa Forbes, Peter Green and the Vargas Blues Band among this week's 12 tracks.
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Games, Gadget and Gizmos - 0106 This month * the m-pac personal accessory carrier * forfeit cookies * POWERbreathe, a hand-held inspiratory muscle trainer * Michael Brook, Editor of Stuff Magazine
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Raven n Blues 21st January The first foray into the Podsafe Music Network - let me know whether you could spot a difference
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Multimedia January 06 Seiko label printer, why you need Ad-Aware, the iPod video and the news from PC-Pro
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Raven'n'Blues 14th January 3 blues locations happening this week that I would love to be attending - Festival of the Desert in Mali, Blues Cruise out of Florida and Mustique Blues - so I play music from each.
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Raven'n'Blues 7th January http://www.bfbs2.com/rnb.html Another varied week of blues and a special tribute to my father-in-law.
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New Year's Greeting to all subscribers -undefined-
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Raven n Blues 31st December http://www.bfbs.com/rnb - The first show of the year looks back at the bands who came to play on the houseboat. Great sets from CC Adcock, Catfish Keith, the WIYOS and Kelly Joe Phelps.
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