1st November

Never Give Up Blues Eric Burdon Soul Of A Man
You're Lyin' Again David Egan You Don't Know Your Mind
Stranded Rod Piazza Thrillville
Just For A Thrill Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Just For A Thrill
Pride Before A Fall Derrin Nauendorf Skin Of The Earth
People Grinnin' In Your Face Ruthie Foster The Phenomenal
Stop Messin' Around Mick Fleetwood Blues Band Blue Again !
I Can't Be Satisfied Steve Howell My Mind Gets to Ramblin'
Roadmaster Roxy Perry In My Sweet Time
End Of The Land Van Morrison Keep It Simple
Follow The Money Bob Brozman Rich Man's War
One Hot July Tony Joe White One Hot July
I Got What It Takes Koko Taylor 35 x 35
Doctor Brown Buster Brown Buster Brown's Doctor Brown
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25th October

Roll 'Em Pete Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings Live
If Ever I Needed You Arthur Louis Black Cat
Wheelin' & Dealin' Mr Keith Little Take It Off
Trouble In The City Carolyn Wonderland Misunderstood
'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone Eddy Floyd Eddie Loves You So
Who Stole The Booty Boo Boo Davis Name Of The Game
I Need A Car Guy Tortora Live on the boat
Nobody's Fault But Mine Guy Tortora Live on the boat
Inner Beauty Erja Lyytinen Grip Of The Blues
Jelly Roll Baker Guitar Frank Lonesome Home Blues
Make A Better World Doug Cox & Salil Bhatt The Future Of The Blues
I've Done Everything I Can Walter Robertson The Downhome Blues Sessions 5
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Guy Tortora  In Session A superb set from Guy with I Need A Car, Nobody's Fault but Mine, White Boy Blues and When Cotton Was King performed live.
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Get Down To The Nitty Gritty Luther Snakeboy Johnson Get Down To The Nitty Gritty
Fred Of Ballaroy Hazmat Modine Bahamut
Movin' Down The River Rhine Carlos Del Junco Steady Movin'
Easy Rider Ben Andrews Stones In My Passway
In My Father's House Ramon Goose Journey Into The Blues
Early In The Morning Guy Tortora Jefferson Drive
You're Not The Only One Todd Wolfe Borrowed Time
Sweet Release Tommy Ludgate Wall Of Words
Bed Of Blues Roxy Perry In My Sweet Time
Down On The Bluff Freeworld From The Bluff
What's The Use In Getting Sober Louis Jordan The History of Rhythm & Blues
The New Panama Limited Doug MacLeod Live
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Full Load Boogie Magic Slim Midnight Blues
You're The One I Need Watermelon Slim No Paid Holidays
Run Here Mama Charlie Musselwhite The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite
Miniskirt Jake Walker Confidence Man
She's Got A Way James Hunter The Hard Way
Try A Little Tenderness Otis Redding Live In London
Bring Your Loving Home Blues Caravan Guitars & Feathers
Rollin' & Tumblin' Papa George Live At The Ram Jam
Morning Bell Paul Reddick Sugar Bird
Sammy Gravelroad Shot The Devil
I See The Parade Bobby Lounge New Mardi Gras Clasics
My Four Reasons Jake Leg Stompers Guaranteed Absolutely Pure
Teasin' Done Moreland & Arbuckle 1861
I Got To Learn To Do The Mambo Ivory Joe Turner Ai! Si! Si!
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Let's Work Together Canned Heat Friends In The Can
Mama Lion Michael Bloomfield If You Love These Blues
Black Gold Dr John City That Care Forgot
4+20 Walter Trout Live
Life In The Jungle Walter Trout Live
Next Big Thing Walter Trout Live
The Great Crash The Blues Band Back For More
I've Had My Fill The Riotous Brothers EP
A Friend Like You Ruthie Foster The Phenomenal
Better Day Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry Sing
Can't Stop Lovin' You Dave Hole Rough Diamond
Koo Koo La Ba The Abitians New Mardi Gras Clasics

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Walter Trout in session - Unplugged A great acoustic set from Walter with tracks from the new album - "The Outsider" and the first song he wrote, that John Mayall covered -  and a song he hasn't played for over 25 years written by Stephen Stills.
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