Back in 1977-78 I was working in Malta as a freelance DJ with BFBS and as a club DJ.

I met an American who was in the radio jingle business working for a company called Shelby Singleton. He liked what I did and when he heard I've never been to the USA and therefore never heard American radio, he had an LP mailed to me called "Bootleg Top 40 Volume 1"

You will not believe how exciting it was listening to the sounds of 50 top US jocks from 1971.

I was in the hold of the boat looking for the Blues Band first LP from 30 years ago to show to Paul Jones & Dave Kelly when they come to do a session at the end of August and I found the Bootleg album. Here it is - clicks and all.
I hope you find it as exciting as I did then and still do now.
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