Games, Gadgets & Gizmos March 2008 The last show in the series looks back at my best gadgets over the last 9 years.
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Games, Gadgets & Gizmos February 2008 - this month - The Ani-Digi watch, Howsar door lock, finger maxx and sailonline
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Games, Gadgets & Gizmos January 2008 This month - I Want One Of, The Disintegrator and Gizmo & Widget
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Games, Gadgets & Gizmos December 2007 - this month, the best of 2007
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Games, Gadgets & Gizmos November 2007 - This month; the Poopod, the Pinqy fire extinguisher, the Crispbar, the Tsunami boat and a clever watering system
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Games, Gadgets & Gizmos October 2007 - this month the 123 Stopfire, Oarsome Potential, the Milli-Grip and the saw with replaceable blades
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G3 Sept 2007 - this month - Revolve environmental gifts, Curly Vine soap, Goldleaf gardening gloves and the Pocket Garden
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Games, Gadgets & Gizmos, Aug 07 - This month. the Electruc, making your own biodiesel with etruk and going to the church in a tank
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G3 - Games, Gadgets & Gizmos  July 07 - this month, the sinkpositive, minicat and rattlebuster
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G3 June 07 - this month, Alphabet jigsaws, Mobiky folding bike, Mr Jones' watches, Scoop ice cream and Clippykit bags.
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G3 May 07 - this month, Tottenham Court Road, phonenotphone, ProEco and Sensorfresh
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G3 0407 - this month, MozzyOff, Nanocover and the Future Toilet.
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G3 0307 - This month, the Anylock bag sealer, the Hitch USB connector and the electricitree
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G3  Feb 2007 - This month, the CubeLite, Onya Bags, Talking Tables and the Dodo AccuPad
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G3  Jan 2007 - This month, the VIP and Cyclo bags, Army Kid clothing, Glowtosleep, Pin-It
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G3 - Dec 06 - this month - the best of 2006 * Aeropress coffee maker * Acoustic Energy wifi radio * Logitech noise cancelling headphones * the ITSA
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G3 - November  2006 - This month, Combat Armor, eztippa and the m-pac
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G3 - Oct 06 - This month the Itsa, the Ezimate, the Loc8tor and the libido patch for men.
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G3 - Sept 06 - this month, the Norstar Magnessage * Drosselmeyer nutcracker * Red5 and the Picooz R/C helicopter
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G3 Aug 06 - This month UV Wristbands, Egglings, Logitech noise cancelling headphones, Red Ferret Journal, Michael Brook, Editor of Stuff Magazine
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G3 July 2006 - This month * The best headphone choices from Headphone World * The fabulous Chillow * Logitechs great universal remote controls * Sir Clive Sinclair's new A-bike
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G3 0606 - This month, Lucky Kits, Bamboo Monitors, YoroPen, Car Tyre Concierge and Michael Brook from Stuff Magazine
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G3 0506 - This month * Podcast Ready software * Guitar Hero PS2 game * Grilliput folding BBQ grill * Editor Stuff Magazine
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G3 0406 - This month - Where Did You Buy That Dot Com, Cameras 4 Sports, Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Radio and another rival to the England World Cup Song
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G3 0306 - This month, the best coffee maker in the world - I talk to its inventor - A brand new umbrella design, the Fanbrella - Faraday cage wallets & passport covers and the winners from last month's competition.
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G3 022006 - This month the great Trek-Pod, the OHSO travelling toothbrush, 1 Drop that de-odorises a toilet, the Thumbthing and Port Laptop bags.
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Games, Gadget and Gizmos - 0106 This month * the m-pac personal accessory carrier * forfeit cookies * POWERbreathe, a hand-held inspiratory muscle trainer * Michael Brook, Editor of Stuff Magazine
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G3 December A look back at the best Games, Gadgets and Gizmos I reviewed in 2005
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Games, Gadget and Gizmos - November 05 Chiller bags, cucumber protectors, paper rucksacks, massaging eggs and personalised calendars all feature this month.
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Games, Gadget and Gizmos - October This month, mp3 transmitters, OS Select, the new Perfect Soldier maker and the great Egg and Muffin Toaster.
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Solar powered handbags, old phones on new mobiles, news from Stuff magazine and all the updates from Perplex City
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Games, Gadget and Gizmos - August This month, Superchips that improve your car's performance, D-Skins that protect your optical discs, the Indipod - an in vehicle toilet and an insight into the new Artificial Reality Game - Perplex City
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G3 July 2005 Pictronic backlight pictures, the versatile Wonderwheeler, Pin-Pal and Discovery Walking Guides
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Lego Star Wars on the Playstation, Outdoor Beanbags, Gardening CD-Roms and Michael Brook from Stuff Magazine
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The Reva NXG concept electric car, SatNav systems and interviews with the Games Guru of CD-WoW, Tony Bergasse and Oliver Irish the Editor of Stuff Magazine. See full details at
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