Multimedia Mar 08 The final show on BFBS after 9 years and 11 months - but we'll be back as a podcast only for our 10th birthday
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Multimedia Feb 08 - This month - the Drobo, Lindy TV Tuner, help with broadband and tips to newcomers to computing
Direct download: mm0208.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 10:54am UTC

Multimedia Jan 08 - This month; CES & Macworld roundup, , ZYXEL Homeplug AV Router, the Centrance Micport Pro and another great competition.
Direct download: mm0108.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 10:54am UTC

Multimedia Dec 07 This special hour-long edition, presented by Mark Phillips, recaps some of the high- and low-lights of 2007 and looks forward to the brave new world of 2008!
 Guests in the studio include: Bryan Betts Technology Journalist Barry Collins – News and Features Editor PC Pro Kerry Stanaway from Which – the Consumers Association  Paul Gibbons from leading Apple retailer The Square Group
Direct download: multimedia1207.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:24pm UTC

Multimedia Nov 07 - This month; Crucial RAM, Laptop security, Skype update and the competition.
Direct download: mm1107.mp3
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Multimedia Oct 07 - this month; Vista, yes or no ?; Tony Orsten from Joost; The Terratec Noxon iPod hifi system and the newest Microsoft bluetooth mose and keyboard
Direct download: mm1007.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:47pm UTC

Multimedia Sep 07 - This month - Corel PaintShopPro X2, Steljes Deployable Operations Unit, Creative Zen Stone and Vision players and the competition.
Direct download: mm0907.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 11:26am UTC

Multimedia Aug 07 - this month; the Alienware m9750 laptop; Intego's Contentbarrier; Which? report on broadband speeds and the competition
Direct download: mm0807.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:40am UTC

Multimedia July 07 - this month, the archiving database, Collectorz; Elgato's Turbo.264; the competition and Hewlett Packards approach to the WEEE directive
Direct download: mm0707.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 7:00pm UTC

Multimedia June 07 - this month, Part 2 of data recovery, Bluetrek bluetooth devices and Logitech webcams
Direct download: mm0607.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 12:51pm UTC

Multimedia May 07 - This month, using Vista, Silver Surfers, jpeg and HD Photo and BFI Archive
Direct download: mm0507.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:56am UTC

Multimedia April 07 - This month, Hard Drive rescue and repair, Crapware and how to remove it, Slingbox and your questions
Direct download: mm0407.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 8:07am UTC

Multimedia 0307 - this month, printer inks, Wacom graphics tablets, buying a new laptop and the competition.
Direct download: mm0307.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 8:58am UTC

Multimedia Feb 2007 - this month, the Logitech MX Revolution wireless laser mouse; the new Sony Ericsson W880i cell phone, Competition results; the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo and the news from PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0207.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 10:01am UTC

Multimedia Jan 2007 - This month, the iPhone, iTalk Pro, EyeTV Diversity, Computing Which and PC-Pro Magazine
Direct download: mm0107.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 7:30pm UTC

Multimedia Dec 2006 - This month, loads of DVDs in the competition, how to choose which iPod is best for you and the news from Barry Collins of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm1206.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 9:01am UTC

Multimedia Nov 2006 - this month buying a new computer,,Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard and the news from PC-Pro magazine
Direct download: mm11106.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 8:30am UTC

Multimedia Oct 2006 - this month the Sony Ericsson M600i, news from Barry Collins at PC-Pro and another great competition.
Direct download: mm1006.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 7:06am UTC

Multimedia Sept 2006 - This month the iHome and the Homedock for your iPod, Phillips Skype/DECT phones in the competition,the great new Logitech mouse and dangers in internet cafes.
Direct download: mm0906.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:20pm UTC

Multimedia Aug 2006 PC Utilities including TUT the Ultimate Troubleshooter - DriverAgent – DIRMS, Do It Right Micro Soft - CCleaner - Phillips Skype phone – 100 prize competition results – minipc from aopen
Direct download: mm0806.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:47pm UTC

Multimedia July 06 Skype * Creative Noise Cancelling Skype Headsets * Senator Ted Stevens and his tubes * Paul Trotter from PC-Pro and 100 prizes for our 100th show
Direct download: Multimedia0706.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:39pm UTC

Multimedia June 06 This month - Linksys wireless routers - How to make your wireless network safer - Buffalo Digital Living Network Alliance and the competition
Direct download: mm0606.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:11pm UTC

Multimedia May 06 - This month * reinstalling Windows without tears * VOIP Phones * Evoke 2xt DAB radio in the competition * Gareth Ogden Editor of Custom PC with the news.
Direct download: mm0506.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 3:58pm UTC

Multimedia 0406 - This month, Boot Camp, Lightscribe, A great competition and the news from PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0406.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:11pm UTC

Multimedia March 06 - This month, shipping to BFPO, the Crucial Gizmo USB memory stick, Buffalo LAN storage, CorelDraw X3, a chance to win a copy and how to deal with png files
Direct download: mm0306.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 8:26am UTC

Multimedia February 06 Gerard Metrailler on Corel Office X3, Pt2 of how to spot spyware on your PC, the very sexy Creative Zen Vision M and Paul Trotter the News and Features Editor of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0206.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:23pm UTC

Multimedia January 06 Seiko label printer, why you need Ad-Aware, the iPod video and the news from PC-Pro
Direct download: mm0106.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 12:10pm UTC

Multimedia December 05 The whole show comes from the offices of Dennis Publishing and we meet Nik Rawlinson, Editor of Mac User; Gareth Ogden, Editor of Custom PC and regular Paul Trotter, News & Features Editor of PC-Pro. They discuss the year gone and the year to come in computing.
Direct download: mm1205.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 9:02am UTC

Multimedia November 05 Macromedia Studio 8, 10 things you must do before you connect your new PC to the internet, great Christmas ideas and a wonderful new competition with prizes from Creative.
Direct download: mm11.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 5:31pm UTC

Multimedia October 05 This month - Macromedia Studio 8, Xdrive, Wireless ADSL routers and a great competition
Direct download: mm10.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 2:33pm UTC

iPod Nano, the second part of trading on eBay, competition results, hands on with the Sony Walkman phone and the news from Paul trotter of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm09.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 3:01pm UTC

This month; signing up for eBay, the digital doorbell and a chance to win one, MS office temp files and the news from PC-Pro.
Direct download: mm08.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 3:41pm UTC

Multimedia July 2005 Vicky Taylor from the BBC on how their website coped with the traffic after the London bombs. Dave reviews the excellent Elgato Eyehome computer to TV system and the news from Paul Trotter of PC-Pro
Direct download: mm07.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 4:31pm UTC

US Robotics SureConnect ADSL Wireless Gateway review. Interview with the GM of Crucial Technology on installing extra RAM
Direct download: Multimedia_May_2005.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:51am UTC

Another show added - the Multimedia radio show from Wed 20th April
Direct download: mm04.mp3
Category:Multimedia -- posted at: 6:18am UTC





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